You Do Bag - Milan 2011

You do Bag by We Do Studio

A colourful working installation using Kvadrat fabrics and Bemis adhesive technology to produce a stitch less heat pressed bag. The installation is a display of material and technique in which visitors are invited to participate in the final process as they are asked to cut their own bag from the line and then cut the handle for the bag following the heat pressed seam.

Installed during Milan design week 14th to the 17th April 2011 at RCA intent, Via Massimiano 6, 20134 Milano, Ventura Lambrate

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The machine was designed to contained all elements of the production process. Storage of the raw materials, 6 different colour rolls of fabric, a roll of heat sealing adhesive and the heat press. Arranged in a liner setup the production was simple and efficient, as the fabric and heat sealing adhesive is drawn through the machine the heat press is lowered in sequence creating the form of the bag. The joined fabric is the cut to create the bag. To change the colour combination of the bag a new colour is run through the press. A total of 22 colour combinations of bags could be produced.

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We Do Studio is a multi disciplined group formed of - Julian F bond, Merel KarhofYoav RechesEls WoldhekLynn Tandler

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The fabric was supplied by Kvadrat and heat sealing adhesive by Bemis

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The machine was also designed so that it could be completly dismantled to be transported to Milan the reassembled. 

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