Good Park, Ulster Design Festival

Based in Buoys Park, Belfast. Community Facility where ask by the organisers of the Ulster Design Festival to temporarily re-invigorate an unloved park directly outside the University building. The park has an unfriendly reputation that means the space is not used to it's full potential by the local community. As part of Community Facilities ongoing Economies of Place project they looked into ways of adapting, adding and enlivening the space to pursued the local community to change their view of park in a positive way. The interventions were creating a new communal lunch space, sports activities, cinema nights, workshop and swing.

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The project was initiated by David Hood and Seainin Passi from Community Facility who brought together Vahakan Motassian, Kathryn Hinton and myself.

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Left Vahakn Matossian, right Kathryn Hinton and Seainin Passi 

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Furniture was made on site using green wood supplied by a local tree surgeon. It was assemble using only wooden pegs and rapped in a bright material.  

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Text by Community Facility

Colour is a universal language. Response to colour is the most immediate and basic of human responses. It requires not experience, no learning; it is innate. Because of this colour has a significant but subtle physiological and emotional impact on our wellbeing.

Using colour as the primary tool in a series of interventions, they aim to temporarily transform the space to experiment with more beautiful, practical, social and active ways for the University and its local stakeholders to make beneficial use of the location.

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Films shown:

Mordern Times, Charlie Chaplin

Stanley Kubrick's Boxes, Jon Ronson

The Discipline of D.E, Gus Van Sant

Pyramids of waste - The lightbulb conspiracy, Cosima Dannaritzer

George Lucas in love, Joe Nussbaum & Daniel Shere

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Kubb, An ancient game recreated for the park. These are the 10 kubbs. The aim of the game is to knock down the opponent kubbs with stick then knock down the king which is in the center of the playing field.