UDO Shelving System

The UDO shelving system has been created through research into the material properties of aluminium. The flexibility and spring of the material has influenced UDO's design and function. The U-shaped aluminium pieces of the shelving system are produced at a slightly open angle. To assemble the system you push the two ends inwards until the 4 connections drop into the slots on the top side of the piece below. Due to the spring in the aluminium the connections snap into place, holding it securely. This simple connection offers a fast and flexible arrangement of the shelving system.

As you push the sides together, the top surface bends slightly to the outside which gives the whole shelf additional strength. The more weight you put into the shelf, the stronger it gets as the sides get pushed more to the outside. The slightly curved shelf surface means books naturally lean against the sides.

Designed in collaboration with Sara Mellone

2nd Prize 'Pure Talents Contest' at imm Cologne 2015 


The shelf is easily assembled and does not require any tools. Single towers can be joined together with small wooden fixings, to create larger assemblies. You can assemble, disassemble or simply change the shape of the shelf as often as you wish. The two different elements sizes offer a bigger variety and create an unique aesthetic effect.

The animation below shows how the shelving system is assembled and disassembled. 

By building just a single tower, even small niches can be utilised. Because it has no front or back side, it also works well as a room divider.


Using this system, a big shelf can be easily shipped in a surprisingly small box, as the elements fit into each other like stacking bowls. 

The large elements are H 420mm X W 350mm X D 300mm

The small elements are H 210mm X W 350mm X D300mm