Sharpener - Step 2

A pencil sharpener is a simple device that simplified the task of sharpening a pencil. Before the invention of the sharpener a pencil was sharpened by whittling with a knife, this is more of a skilled task. This short project looks into what steps may of been taken in the development of the sharpener. 

This forms a wider area of interest in how as a species we have slowly developed more a more sophisticated tools from basic implements. Starting with ancient tools made from stone, wood and flint we had taken thousands of steps to now be able to produce extremely complicated tools, laser cutting, CAD CAM ......

  • Manual pencil sharpener - 1 - 2011 - 1

The wooden block gives support to the pencil and provides an angle to guide the sharpening blade.

  • Manual pencil sharpener - 1 - 2011 - 3
  • Manual pencil sharpener - 2 - 2011 - 4