Lemonade For All, Sofia design week 2011,DesignMarketo. 

For part of their Lemonade stand DesignMarketo invited a selection of designers to rethink Lemonade. 

The design looked at a new way of drinking lemonade in a more exciting way where you mix the lemonade as you drink. Lemonatus was hand made from laboratory glass this give the piece feeling of it being a piece of precise scientific equipment.

  • Lemonatus for DesignMarketo - 2011 - 1
  • Lemonatus for DesignMarketo - 2011 - 2

Along with the glass apparatus there is also a stainless steel juicer that is inserted into the whole lemon to juice the lemon. The shorter glass tube is then inserted into the same hole. The piece then is used like a drinking straw on the side of a glass. As you suck on the top straw water and lemon is drawn into the mixing chamber and becomes lemonade before is reaches your mouth.

  • Lemonatus for DesignMarketo - 2011 - 3
  • Lemonatus for DesignMarketo - 2011 - 4