Table Tennis or Ping-Pong? It is up to you what you call it!

Any table can be a table tennis table

CorkNet has been specially designed to work on any table. Its combined length is 80 cm or 31.5 Inches. This size gives you a net over any table. The CorkNet is freestanding so there are no fixings to worry about. Place them in the center of your table and you're ready to play! 

The clever design lets you take it with you. You can play on any table, whether it is a friend's home, work or on holiday.



Above Left to right: CorkNet being used as a heat mat & Kitchen table tennis net.

CorkNet comes as two identical parts. The net is the regulation height set by the International Table Tennis Federation, 15.25 cm / 6 in. The net is divided into two sections each 40 cm / 15 3/4 in long. Put together these two parts are able to fit comfortably into a kitchen cupboard or drawer. A ball shaped recess in each part of net allows a ball to be safely stored when the two parts are put together. The CorkNet set weighs approximately 1.1 kg / 2.4 lbs


Above: The CorkNet as a heat mat / trivet. The net can be used for smaller pans or moved apart for larger pans.

Below: The CorkNet set in its packaging. The set includes to cork parts, two rackets and a ball. 


The Cork

Cork was a easy choice for this project, it is light, flexible, durable, heat resistant and moisture resistant. Cork is also a recyclable sustainable natural product harvested from cork trees without causing damage.

CorkNet is produced from recycled cork granules. These granules go through a special process before being poured in moulds. Under heat and pressure the cork bonds together creating the final product.